21 Day Weight Loss Program For Women!


If it does, then you know how difficult it is to obtain quality support

Introducing the 21 Day Challenge

The Challenge brings women together who want to lose weight, feel better, and improve their health.

It’s all about sustainability!

And it’s packed with in-depth, practical resources on nutrition and building an enjoyable lifestyle to reach your goals.

PLUS community support to ensure you achieve your fullest potential.


  • Want to reach their goals in an easier, sustainable way.
  • ​Are ready to stop making excuses and invest in themselves.
  • Want to be healthy and fit, but are having trouble staying on track.
  • ​Have a healthy metabolism and maintaining their weight while eating a plenty of food.
  • ​Are ready to take action!!


  • Anyone looking for a quick fix. We provide the direction, support, and the resources you need to reach your goals, but you still need to do the work!

Below are the weight loss results you can expect

What Our Members are saying

Mary Anna Smith

"The challenge overall was thoughtfully planned, designed, and executed. I have gained knowledge around nutrition and eating to reach my goals as well as insight into how important it is to practice self care. I am also thankful for my coach and the community of women for all of their support and encouragement. It truly makes a difference. I'm down 10 lbs!"

Bonnie Hawkins

"Hassan is phenomenal. It is a true sense of community even though I'm a hundred of miles apart. We communicate and support each other. I can't say enough positive things about this program. It changes your life and you feel motivated to do more. After, a few challenges I've lost 20 pounds and counting. A HUGE accomplishment since I had been stagnant for so long."

Erica Williams

"I've obtained support that I didn't think I needed. You can get more than you think done in 21 Days. Sometimes a whole mindset shift and the use of technology made it easier to stay connected with my coach and the community of women. I started with a challenge over a year ago and now I'm down 55 lbs and excited to see some of the same faces back for more success."

Speruthia Jeantel

"There’s inner confidence in yourself and in order to find it you have to take the leap of faith. That inner confidence will work everything else out and make you push yourself further. Just gotta try. I’ve developed better eating habits and a structured schedule that has allowed me to stay on track and make progress with my weight loss goals. Hassan is doing the dam thang despite COVID-19!"

Monique Bonnett

"I've lost and gained weight so many times but could never maintain a healthy weight. I never saw myself as anything other than overweight. This challenge stood out most because it wasn't a fad diet or a "lose weight fast" scheme. Instead it taught me the basic principles to live a sustainable lifestyle in which "unhealthy" foods can still be enjoyed. I've lost 7 lbs after realizing that there's no need for perfection, just intention, and changing my mindset."

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